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  • First of all thank you very much for your insight.

    I actually never thought about it, that it might feel good to give in to the beast. I always thought it would be more than uncomfortable, because you give control of your body to an unpredictable entity. But I guess it is describable as some kind of drug-induced rush or delirium?

    Furthermore thank you for you description of Paths and Roads, Nyrufa. I guess I will have to see how this plays out in our Chronicle as for the System of Humanity I always wondered how so many Kindred can susatain their humanity...
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  • (V20 Dark Ages) Advise on Humanity, Roads, The Beast and Horror

    Hello everybody,

    before I begin I want to play safe by putting a little disclaimer in front of my topic. It is my first post on this forum after all. So bare with me, please.

    This thread may be diving into the darker and more sinister Aspects of the WOD. I can guarantee that my opening post is safe to read but the same I can not say for the topics that will, maybe, come to discussion in the following. So please take part with caution if those topics may unnerve you. Nonetheless thank you for reading until now and take care whatever your decision might be.

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