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  • Tzauri
    replied to Kith and Kin Status?
    Interesting. Honestly, my changeling feels sort of overly human. Is there a good 1e book I can use in the mean time for better getting into a Changeling's head....
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  • One way I've heard it put.

    Dream envisions Princesses as deeply connected to mundane society, and is envisioned as a toolbox that can create any magical girl story (at least in theme and styles) and could be used for a something like Magical Angel Creamy Mami as easily as a something like Sailor Nothing. Vocation envisions the Princesses as more connected to supernatural society, and is also supposed to be a game for war stories, with even combat-free games being set against the backdrop of the War of Hope and resembling something like MAS*H.

    Granted, this isn't SUPER...
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