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  • Thank you all for the answers so far!

    The situation is just as Cadmiumcadamium presented.

    And yes, in V20 DA lethal damage can become aggravated damage:

    “Cainites with a health track full of lethal damage fall to torpor (see p. 351). Mortals die. Further lethal damage to a Cainite becomes aggravated damage.” (p. 345)

    Edit: But I still don’t really get how could a vampire (hypothetically) survive this way 8 levels of lethal damage. The last one becomes aggravated so from 0 levels of aggravated damage she would have 1. Am I to interpret the...
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  • Shakeroyal
    started a topic Lethal damage and Final Death

    Lethal damage and Final Death

    First of all, I apologize if the answer is obvious (especially if there was already a related topic I missed), but the unlife of a PC is at stake.

    A vampire is surrounded by a group of witch-hunters. She has already suffered 6 levels of aggravated damage from vials of holy water, when one of the attackers stabs her with a sword and causes 5 levels of lethal damage.

    Does the vampire suffer Final Death immediately?

    V20 Dark Ages states:

    "If a vampire is Incapacitated or in torpor and
    suffers one more level of aggravated damage, she...
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