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  • That is definitely how I would handle it. I probably wouldn't go quite as far as you have, with each level of Dem resulting in a new Derangement, but if the player can remove them like normal Derangements then it isn't all that bad. I would probably just give them one permanent one to deal with....
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  • I described it to my friends (who are only familiar with Revised and V20) as: "They moved the metaplot forward to present day. Gehenna happened, but it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it would be. There's a 2nd Inquisition now from world governments and the Tremere got got. The Vienna chantry burned to the ground and the clan is fractured. Also some Lasombra have jumped ship to the Cam."

    From that point, it was mostly mechanical discussion. Honestly, I like what they've done with the metaplot and that has always been my favorite part about this game. I will probably stick...
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  • Jeevesosiris: I would just say as an ST that using my version of Dementation connects the user to the Cobweb whether they're a Malkavian or not. Although, I would also be strongly in favor of giving that person a permanent Derangement for trespassing on the Malkavian Clan's mental turf. I dont think Dementation is all that common outside of the clan, but I certainly could be wrong. Especially in Sabbat packs I suppose....
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  • pang4: I downgraded it from an elder power because it was the best fit that I could find for the theme I was going for and, as far as elder powers are concerned, it isn't terribly overpowered or game-breaking. Also, I noticed that V5 did the same thing with some powers that were previously 6+.

    I have actually altered it slightly since I made this post to prevent it from being abused in a disruptive way by automatically giving the user a temporary Derangement when using the power, with a botch making it permanent but removable like normal. That puts a bit of a limit on how many times...
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  • Yet another Dementation "rewrite"

    Hello, first-time poster, long-time lurker here.

    I have recently been wanting to play V20 again, and I have been toying around with various character concepts. One of those concepts is a Malkavian detective. I have always really liked the Malkavians as a whole, but have never gotten a chance to play one. The thing that really appeals to me about them is the whole "Oracle Driven Mad by Lovecraftian Knowledge" angle of the clan.

    I have always kind of disliked their Discipline because of this though, because I never thought that it fit very well. I know Dementation
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