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  • Alphari
    replied to Shadowcrafting and Life
    I'm not so sure, because "Path of the Blood's Curse" allows a vampire to age to his True Age. But the vampire does not fall into a torpor, he just needs help in moving, feeding and so on.
    + I certainly believe that a five hundred year old vampire turns into an invalid. BUT! here the problem is that these Creatures of the Abyss do not absorb the soul or life at once, they feed on vital forces. But "Stamina" is more about the physical characteristics of the body than its direct indicator of life force.

    Of course, a mortal devoid of his stamina will be very...
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  • Alphari
    started a topic Shadowcrafting and Life

    Shadowcrafting and Life

    Dear experts,
    Somehow, my friend asked me to help him with the plot for his game. The plot is Tremere / Lasombra conflict after 17th century.
    The description of Path Of Shadowcrafting says that the attacks of the fiends are cumulative.
    He noticed that the book does not have answers to his questions.

    -What happen to mortal/ghoul who has survived but lost all his stamina?
    -What happens to a vampire if he loses all his stamina?
    -Victims lose stamina only when taking damage or at the time of attack?
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