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  • Oh, i hope that the game will last for a bit. I like longer campaigns. So Essence 4 is hopefully on the table. Maybe even Essence 5? We will see.

    I guess I will just try out the stuff my character can do and see how it plays and what the effects are. As I said, I never played optimized characters before and I am probably not a very tactics conscious player...I play by what I think is cool and also what I think my character (as a person) would do (I know, I know, a lot of horror stories start that way..."But it is what my character would do ..." but I don't mean it like that...
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  • Thanks again to all of you who donated your time here! I highly appreciate it!

    Sorcerous Overlord - haha...yeah, very well put! But of course, me as a player ("living on the meta-level") will always define what my character is by the abilities he's using. So while you are 100% correct, it's not what i was talking about. I was looking at it from my perspective, not my character's. So it would always feel like "cheating" to me, the player And yes, I know, a very strange "hang-up" to have, I guess.
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  • Well said, you all. I agree with you. And this is where i can pretty much relax, because my ST is also not an optimizer at heart. So his opponents will, all in all, not be optimized combat (or other skills) monsters. So i guess, as you suggested, both builds will be very viable overall. And, as JohnDoe said, playing something i like is, in the end more important. I was just hoping that my mind-picture of what is coolest and best is the same as what is coolest and best ^^ Oh well
    As i said, i will think about it for a bit. I mean it is not as if i hate melee or anything...i played a lot...
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  • Wow! You're all awesome! Thank you so much for your time, fellow forum goers, I really appreciate it. And it just shows how little I know the ins and outs of the Exalted System. I always played suboptimal characters, it seems. I mean I am not complaining, I had fun, but if I see what you all build and discuss here...most of it feels like an alien language to me ^^

    I am a bit sad that it seems that the Melee build is the better one. Because now i am torn. I like the idea of the martial artist better, it trumps story wise for me. But i wanted to go for the most effective build for
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  • Hey you two, thank you so much for offering up your time to help me out!

    Oh? Oh!!! Well, if you are willing to, how about you show me both...because both sound awesome. I like to feel the biggest badass...but being technically the best combatant with the fewest holes also sounds very enticing

    For now, my goal (or my character's goal, as well) is to become the best swordsman creation has ever seen (and i know, on the meta-level, that a DB probably can't be...a solar will trump him on a one on one fight) ... he wants to become immortalized as the living...
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  • [Exalted 3E] Need the advice/help of the mechanics savvy folks...

    Hey all!

    It's nice to be here and I hope it is not bad form to open up with a "cry for help" on a new forum?!
    I posted this a while ago on another forum but I was really wondering if you all on here, the home forum of Exalted, come up with different stuff then I got over there. So here's my "problem" :

    Our GM has offered to lead another Exalted campaign and this time around, we will give the newest edition a real spin.

    It has been a while since i last read through the corebook and i am not finished with the pretty new Dragon-Blooded
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