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  • So what you're saying is that it probably should be handled at a local level, with the viziers and sorcerers in the area, who will then handle the clan business, rather than have the warrior worry about contacting alamut for every contract ? Seems like a good idea.
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  • I mean, the idea of doing contract for blood and paying a tithe to the clan and sire, and at some point, you can lower your generation, is a pretty cool concept ! There are just issues with the logistical aspect of this, like... how does all of that work ?
    And really I'm really asking those questions, it's not to make fun of them, but just to try to understand
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  • [V20] How do assamites contract work ?

    Hello everyone !

    I've read lore of the clans and I'm a bit confused on how an assassination contract with an assamite works.

    It says that the client bleeds into a magic vessel, that transfers the blood automatically to a sorcerer of the clan. Alright, does this mean that every assamite is given such a vessel to use during their unlife ? Is it a per-contract thing ? Who gives them ?

    After that, 10% goes to the clan, 10% to the sire, and the rest is kept in a special urn for the assassin, kept by the sorcerer in alamut. So, I guess that the assassin dosn't...
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