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  • One in four is definitely well above normal, since I believe the normal odds are somewhere between 1-in-10,000 and 1-in-30,000. This would be common knowledge to pretty much anyone, and would be cause for extreme distrust on the part of the expedition.

    It is a secret among the Proxies that they didn't build the Prometheus chambers, so anyone claiming to have found one instead of having built it would also be met with extreme suspicion.

    Gravity is one of the quantum forces manipulated by Novas, so anyone claiming to have gravity control powers would be suspicious. Even...
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  • She gets along with the Theoi well enough that she shares a Mantle with the pantheon as the Goddess Libertas. She gets roughly two pages in the book and serves as examples both of how to make your character the Scion of a god who isn't part of a pantheon and therefore provides no PSP, and how you could go about making a national god for a modern country. Being a Scion of Columbia or other non-pantheon god actually sounds rather nice; my character could literally take nerd culture as their 'chosen people' and get social bonuses involving nerds....
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  • As interesting as a psiad-centric chronicle would be, I get why the main group are psions. Making the default splat a manufactured group means:

    1). Your common origin gives you ready made organizations to slot into. Randomly empowered people across the world don't necessarily come with top tier financial/political backing.

    2). They let the setting pump out significant numbers of empowered in a short period of time. They've made more psions in a handful of years than there were Aberrants during the entire Nova age.

    3). Speaking of Aberrants, having a readily...
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  • Psiads versus Psions reminds me a lot of Infernals versus Solar Exalted in Exalted 2E. They sound amazingly super cool, and you get really hyped thinking about them, but when you dig deep into the mechanics, you find that - without massive amounts of min-maxing - they generally suck badly compared to the main splat.

    Them having a lower psi cap, fewer psi points, worse attunement range, fewer starting dots in their psi powers, and no chance to start at Psi 3 make perfect sense, as their powers are natural rather than the genetically engineered turbo-charged sports car version granted...
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  • Don't forget the possibility of two Psions working together to produce combo effects. A Telepath teaming up with a weak Electrokinetic may be able to affect an AI in the same way a Biokinetic teaming up with a Vitakinetic can target others with an Aptitude that normally only works on himself.
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  • If there is some sort of Elder Race watching, you need to answer the question of why they're revealing themselves now, when they've sat back and allowed the Doyen to screw over countless civilizations during the last four million years. Either they're so limited in their ability to interact with this level of reality that they couldn't stop the Doyen (in which case, what good are they?), or they have super awesome Elder Race powers (in which case, they've watched a four million year long holocaust and done nothing).

    Page 359 of Aeon does state of the Doyen, "They no longer possess...
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