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  • Shepherdboi
    replied to The Overthrow of Zeus: Specifics?
    A belief in the existence of a prophecy that one of Zeus' sons would kill him must have been at least reasonably widespread, since 11 years ago, fanfic author Thrythlind started an incomplete Oh, My Goddess/Ranma/Full Metal Panic/other x-over titled 'Divine Blood' which involved that prophecy. Zeus had literal plot armor throughout the story since he could only be killed by his own son. There was actually some pretty interesting world building in that fic.
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  • There are a couple of things you'd have to determine with this scenario:

    1). Do they gain access to Quantakinesis when Dr. Bhurano sets off her noetic beacon, or when they first encounter a psion or psiad from Earth? What do they think about this?

    2). Why are there apparently more active psiads on this world than the entirety of Earth? Since this seems to be a Nova era colony, you could easily presume a Nova with knowledge of psiads specifically set up a place where those with noetic potential could manifest their powers without being suppressed by all the quantum energy...
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  • Even if they were a particularly large colony with an initial population in the hundreds of thousands, their society probably fits in an area smaller than New Jersey, with a small number of laborers working distant mines and a handful of ultra rich having remote lakeside cottages.

    If this colony world does have a disproportionately large psiad population, that means they've also got a disproportionate number of people capable of advanced science. Even without Doyen interference, they've likely begun developing their own noetic biotech....
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  • To steal an idea from a fanfic I once read where unethical MK Ultra style CIA experimentation actually lead to reliable techniques for unlocking latent psychic potential, optional alternative school gym classes could train students to access their Vitakinesis. One single dot in any Vitakenisis Mode unlocks Knit, which ensures you fully recover from any physical condition which doesn't kill you faster than Knit heals you, while your lifespan likely increases to an unknown degree.

    Everyone who passes that gym class gets an extended lifetime of perfect health, so traditional hospitals...
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