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  • Dormancy only works if one of the two forms has no powers whatsoever, and it doesn't by default cover the super form having lower attributes than the base form. Using the Hulk comics as an example, Bruce Banner has been shown to be an inventive genius capable of making literal super science devices, presumably due to low/moderate levels of Mega-Intellect.

    If I had to rework Transformation, I'd have it grant a single alternate form by default, possibly with a Tag for additional forms, although it wouldn't be a simple 1-for-1 progression. Maybe the 1st Tag grants one more form (2 total),...
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  • Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine shouldn't be too hard to build using the kickstarter preview manuscript, but Green Lantern is likely to be difficult no matter how polished things get, since the guy can literally do almost anything.

    For Batman, just building a highly competent human character with lots of appropriate cinematic yet mundane equipment, then adding one dot in each Mega-Attribute and sprinkling in some low-key Mega-Edges goes a long way towards modeling his demonstrated abilities.
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  • Basic paranoia from a lifetime of pop culture means I tell nobody, out of fear of getting the wrong sort of attention. Having legitimate psychic powers is the most interesting thing to ever happen to me, so my current interests atrophy while I spend all my time exploring my psychic potential. Powers that can be practiced alone, and in a non-destructive way would get the most practice, so likely possibilities:

    Biokinesis: Psychomorphing and Transmogrify. Adaptation is hard to learn without getting poisoned/sick.
    Clairsentience: Psychometry and Psycholocation. Psychocognition...
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  • There were two threads that I know of that discussed stats for the Hulk. I posted my version in the second thread:

    A few big problems with making comic book character conversions at this time is that the Power Suite rules (which make your powers much more versatile) were getting an overhaul post-kickstarter, I'm pretty sure the...
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