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  • I don't know which version you are playing and I'm still familiarizing myself with 2e so take my answer with a grain of salt in that regard.
    That aside, short answer:

    Vampires hunt humans, and that leads to a whole lot of problems, conflict, drama.

    The long answer:
    The above answers are already pretty good, in addition:
    The bar owner, can he even lay claim to his bar as his domain, maybe it is within the domain of another Vampire already? Closing hour, there is a dead body in one of the toilets, what to do? Or drunk people can be aggressive,...
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  • nobby
    replied to Getting Spirits rigth
    Basically in nWoD the core motivation of any spirit is to feed on ever more essence. Which it does best by feeding of corresponding resonance in the material world.

    For example a pain spirit feeds of the resonance created by people being in pain. So it always tries to foster conditions that cause pain and increase peoples pain. It doesn't care about teaching a lesson or similar things. It only wants people to be in as much pain as possible to feed on the resonance.
    (Spirits relationship to essence is not unlike Vampires relationship to blood in that regard, only that different...
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  • The Shape of Water

    The perfect example for a Man in Black in action, hunting down a reality deviant. He even reads one of those self help/self empowerment books that I imagine MiBs would use as instruments for advanced psychology.
    Also the all around atmosphere of the film perfectly encapsulates the Traditions vs Technocracy theme....
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  • nobby
    started a topic Getting Spirits rigth

    Getting Spirits rigth

    Hello there,
    I'm planing to run my first Mage The Ascencion game soon and I'd like to utilize spirits.

    The thing is I'm way more familiar with spirits in the nWoD/CoD. And while I love those, I'd like to try to use spirits as they were presented back in the old days.

    So I'd be really thankful if someone could help me and explain the differences to me.

    Here is what I think I got so far:
    -The Essence Junkie aspect dosn't seem to exist in oWoD?
    -Spirits are a bit more friendly in general and have more of a good/bad dichotomy...
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