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  • Can you advise how I simulate one army going against another or general mass combat? Say I have 3 Clanfear plus myself against two Dremora, how do I enact a battle through the WoD mechanics? I was thinking Leadership+Wits plus some other thing vs an extended action of the same from the other side. Whoever wins the X amount of successes first wins the mass combat. Anyway to improve this or suggest something completely different?
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  • Thanks for the advice.

    I'll keep the Padmocki as whispers of the Void. Dictuum Mortis is definitely out the window already. Kingdoms will also intensively varied. Also With the various other spiritual entities beside Ghosts that can be used for currency, the use of slavery will be entirely different aswell. Bound Weaponry, Daedric, and Spectral gear will be more plentiful aswell instead of the Relic system too. Your idea about how different parts of Tamriel will interact with the dead is very interesting to me, I didn't think of that. Necromancers and other beings on Mundus can play...
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  • Advice to pull off an Elder Scrolls homebrew version of Wraith?

    Okay so hear me out. I'm planning on starting a game where the character is a newly dead inhabitant of Nirn.
    I've got somethings working in my head already. The Shadowlands are now the "Shadelands". The Tempest is the Void aka the all-encompassing of Sithis itself. Instead of Spectres, the Grue are the servants of Sithis who wish to feed their eternal master. Planes of Oblivion unlike the Shadelands make the Ghost character corporal and Daedra can see ghosts as they are innately spiritual beings. Shadows of a Ghost are now called Padmock, who are the sundering whispers of the...
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  • Shakanaka
    started a topic Tzimisce Clan and the New World

    Tzimisce Clan and the New World

    How exactly did the Tzimisce get to the new world despite their weakness? It makes sense for various Antitribu and Lasombra to make base there, but how did Tzimisce clan set up domains there....
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