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  • I somehow think that we are gonna get the Old Clan Tzimisce in the Players Guide, its what they have been calling it in the V5 books, which means Vicissitude might not be in the book yet (I might be wrong of course), but it is probable that the Fiends in the PGB will be the non-Sabbat remnants, which is exactly the concept of the Old Clan Tzimisce faction. I really don't care that much for having Vicissitude right now as a written Discipline (or power/amalgam of Protean), I'm more interested in being able to play the Noble/Rebel and Fiendish/Macabre Tzimisce.

    Also, more Advantages...
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  • For those interested I did compiled the Oblivion Disciplines and also brought from V4 plenty of Necromantic Rituals. I also added some Oblivion powers to contemplate the more Hecata part of the Discipline. Tell me what you people think:
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