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  • In my Transyl.Chronicles, two secretly TalMaheRa fellows, one of them being Jalan A'ajav, participated on the Raid of the Eldest Haven, although not taking part in the diablerie nor entering the inner sanctum. Cuz in my game, I made the body of the Eldest be that awesome artwork of a big armored fellow made of bones and flesh (I think its from the Gehenna book), so when Lugoj started to drain the Eldest, his blood started pouring out like a torrent, down the stairs, into the floor, and every one but Lambach who fled in terror, felt into a crazy frenzy and drank the Eldest's blood, lowering one...
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  • I've ran it once, not too long ago.
    It was fun, I made a voting system for each matter in debate. With two extra matters to decide besides the ones already present.
    Cuz otherwise my players wouldn't interact with the Convention. So with votes, they could try to bribe, blackmail, make speeches or background talks, through Tests. And sometimes they did engaged with it very closely, and some decisions were a bit different than from canon, but not too much.

    Its worth mentioning that I ran the Convention with two groups, The coterie from Transylvania Chronicles (in our game,...
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