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  • We gradually increase the dots just to see how the powers would work in simulation. It's so we can decide if we like the progression of the clan discipline combat wise.

    Could you point me where it says in v20 core you can't use Corpore Sano on yourself? There is nothing that says you can't use it on yourself. Whereas with Obeah 5 it says "This power may not be used by the Salubri to cure her own derangements."

    Yes, but you can't cure your own derangement. As you say, STs generally don't give NPCs terrible derangements that need to be cured. It...
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  • Thanks for all your replies. I've come to realise an 8th Gen Salubri is actually OP. The character failed the "werewolf" test miserably so I now agree my character is imbalanced at gen 8. Basically, the test is where my gaming group will run a simulation of my new char against a new werewolf (we lovingly call Bob), assuming no preparation for either party. Bob is an average werewolf. Bob starts out in "war form". I was given a sword (not silver), a gun (no silver bullets) and a full blood pool. If you beat the werewolf, you fail the test. The Salubri beat the werewolf on the...
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  • 8th generation background for Salubri too powerful?

    Context: I'm playing modern nights and I've always loved the concept of the Salubri, although I do think they're underpowered. The chronicle is combat heavy with the Second Inquisition essentially having full government support. My character doesn't want to kill anyone and actually believes the inquisition makes sense given the millenia that vampires have hunted and manipulated humans. As she watches friends die however, I'm planning to have her slowly degenerate and struggle with the concept of humanity.

    In V20 core, it says that "All Salubri must take five dots of Generation...
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