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  • Some excellent ideas in this post! Thank you so much! I particularly like Nosimplehiway's very descriptive quotes. It helps me flesh out new ideas for the setting.

    It seems the general answer is "no", unless in a small scale arrangement which is already how it worked for my coterie for decades anyway.

    This is V20 - but with V5 as a base plot - but not full-wod. There are werewolves, but I've removed mages and other supernaturals as they complicate things too much. Werewolves I'm happy to leave them in the woods, weakened as humanity becomes stronger through...
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  • Can vampires and humans live together in harmony?

    I'm STing a game where the masquerade has been lifted all over the world for almost two decades. A war broke out in 2020 where humans hunted in the day and boarded up at night. Every able nation in the world contributed their resources to exterminate the threat. The war did not last long. With modern weapons and surveillance technologies, vampires are all but exterminated. Vampires are now feared and loathed, with estimates of their current population at less than a tenth of their pre-war population. Some humans still hunt vampires for their precious vitae, for their God, or to fulfill bounties....
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  • Nosimplehiway

    Thanks for your questions. But most of your questions won't apply in my world, as there's no masquerade (and would be over-complicated even in V5 anyway). Long story.

    How long will it take for a vamp to turn random civilians and sell them out? It's already happening, but it usually doesn't last long as authorities crack down on it. There's actually a whole "vamp industry" where kindred blood is sold to the very wealthy to prolong their lives. It has ties to the beauty industry that uses some vitae (illegally) in the drugs they put out. There's...
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  • lucasstriker
    started a topic Reasonable bounty for a vampire

    Reasonable bounty for a vampire

    I'm trying to write some rules for bounty hunters of the Second Inquisition being given a set amount of money to hunt vampires.

    I know money is relative to everyone. One player recommended USD$100 per vampire, which is pitifully low. I searched for a modern day equivalent of a bounty hunter who earns about USD80k for 150 cases. That's around USD$500 per case. Even doubling that to USD$1000 would still be low in my estimation. I personally wouldn't even hunt a vampire if it was USD$10,000 a head. It seems like a lot of work and time to track, hunt and go through all their minions just...
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