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  • There is one "Big" addition which is the Contagion and the additional mega-factions of the Sworn and False. Cryptocrat vs. Technocrat mindgames, maybe?
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  • jollycooperative
    replied to Scion Titanomachy PDF
    I'm going to second the fact that while I quite enjoyed this book, I feel like it didn't really earn a title like "Titanomachy."

    Are Titans distinct from gods? No? Then it's just a political division? But then why does it exist? Is it just godly beings who are "evil?" that can't be the case, since many of them are outright sympathetic, and haven't done anything to even earn the "Titan" distinction or even provoke conflict at all.

    If anything can be a Titan then nothing is a Titan, and the "Titanomachy" can't possibly exist. I realize...
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  • Ok, so. Here's something I can't quite grasp.

    Paradox sets in when a Sleeper witnesses the obvious effect of supernal magic on the fallen world. It allows the abyssal taint in their soul to lash out at the cosmic truths that the sleeper does not understand.

    But if the Sleeper isn't exposed to these cosmic truths in the first place, Paradox doesn't occur, which is why you're allowed to lightning-blast people on a dark, stormy night, but not in broad clear daylight.

    So what prevents a Mage from using magic to mimic the effects of a different supernatural in...
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