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  • Gold Monk
    replied to Diluting Generation
    Hmm... One of the players spent his background points wanting to increase his generation... I might have to disappoint him and just tell him to pick something else.

    The largest hurdle I forsee is the players not knowing they can drink more blood to fill up their pool without telling them.

    Edit: On second thought, if they make the roll to stop drinking, I can make some off-handed statement about how they are still hungry. I forsee my players thinking it's just some "but the Beast still lingers" nonsense, but eventually one might try to push the limit.
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  • Gold Monk
    replied to Diluting Generation



    It's V20 and set in modern times, pretty much everyone is 13th generation, and will be playing from their first night as Kindred. They will discover their generation via some Tremere blood-testing, as well as their clans, lest they become Caitiff.

    I know that as the ST, my word is law, but I typically don't like to add things that contravene detailed mechanics unless I can help it. I just wanted to see if there was a "lore-friendly" way to do this.

    So, since they'll be 13th gen, and...
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  • Gold Monk
    started a topic Diluting Generation

    Diluting Generation

    My party for the most part don't know who their sires are, but they are standard generation, so that narrows down the pool of possibles for them.

    So in order to surprise them, I was wondering if there was a way of expanding the pool by having their sires "dilute" their blood when making them or some such nonsense like that.

    For example, a Nosferatu who wants to sire a Childe under the Princes nose, and makes his blood untraceable back to him through a Tremere's blood magic, or a Ventrue who wants many minions, but none so powerful as to pose a threat to the...
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