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  • I really like how the SI is being used in the game as a check against technology. It kinda gives things a bit of a noir feeling by turning down the tech level in a game a little.

    When I first started looking into the game up again I thought about how different it would be in the current day vs back in the 90's with the rise of technology. I was wondering how to handle that and then I discovered the SI. Problem solved.
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  • First, let me say I agree completely with your constructive criticism of how things are presented in V5. As a storyteller trying to catch up with the story after several years, it's frustrating at times to figure out where things stand in V5.

    That being said, my take on the SI from what I've gathered so far:

    * How many people belong to the organization?
    - Probably quite a few, but most don't realize what they're truly up against (except the Society of Leopold). As I understand it, FIRSTLIGHT is the core of SI. This probably has one or two representatives from each...
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  • I'm familiar with Ashland. I grew up in eastern KY....
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  • Right now I'm just trying to get as much background information as I can. I'm curious how the metaplot has gone over the years while I haven't been paying attention. As for ideas and themes, I have players with different interests so I tend to have a broad spectrum in my game. It will mainly revolve around the city of Louisville, KY (where we live). The players won't be taking a big part in the metaplot, but we want to play in the current time so we need to see how the landscape has changed (and it apparently has A LOT) since we played in college 20 years ago.

    It's kinda crazy to...
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  • Wow, I really appreciate all the helpful responses! Thank you so much for the wonderful summary, CTPhipps. Seems like a generous and helpful forum here. Glad I signed up!
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  • Starting a new chronicle soon - need metaplot help

    My friends and I were big into WoD back in the late 90's and haven't played for ages. I'm gearing up for a new game starting next spring and really looking forward to it (I like what I've read of 5e). I've got a lot of reading to do between now and then.

    The metaplot is where I need help the most. I'm trying to figure out how the old metaplot has been retconned into the new one (what DID happen and what DIDN'T). I know Beckett's Jyhad Diary is a big guide (I'm going to order a copy soon) and I've got the 5e book and the Camarilla and Anarch books (I'm in the middle of reading...
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