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  • So the idea works right? I new to this so I don't know the lore. I haven't seen anything using this idea though....
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  • I didn't really see anything wrong with the idea. Maybe raising a child with the only purpose of embracing them would be wrong but I was thinking more where the vampire genuinely cares about the child, treats her like family. With a genuine feeling of love, or as close as the undead can get, it would be natural to worry about their eventual death. So once they become an adult they can give the option of whether they wanted to be embraced or not....
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  • Vampire: The Masquerade Discussion

    So I have been watching L.A. By Night and have some questions about some ideas I came up with.

    The Judge

    So its pretty easy for vampires to get rich either by stealing it or just earning it from businesses. So why don't they take over a prison? Some vampires can detect lies so you can easily separate the innocent from the true criminals. With the prison as a cover have those on death row secretly given to vampires to be fed on, to the final heartbeat if needed and then just cremate the body to remove any evidence. I don't know how long vampires stop being hungry after...
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