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  • Crop Weaver
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Maybe that point has already been cleared but :

    I am in need of clarification about Dragon-Blooded excellencies applied to static values, more precisely the limit of bonus dice.

    P162 of What Fire Has Wrought the text says that the limit is Ability+Specialty /2 rounded down. Which is coherent with 2 dice for 1 success or 2 dice for 1 parry. And it's the same rules for solar (the rounded down part).
    But I also got a booklet with the screen where the text says rounded up. Also the exemple is with Melee 4 and says you can go up to +2 parry, or +3 with a specialty....
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  • Crop Weaver
    replied to Exalted Forum Introduction Thread
    Hello everyone !

    So I have been playing Exalted since 2011, it also was my first campaign and my first character. That year I also did my debuts as a GM. Since then I have been much more a GM than a PC but it's alright, I enjoy it very much and it seems that my players do too.

    I have GMed several kind of Exalted but mortals too. Had even 2 campaigns with mortals on 3ed which is pretty funky (so close to death every fight ^^). And I'm looking forward to launch a solar campaign IRL and maybe a Dragon-Blooded campaign online. As such I'm coming here for 2nd opinions on some...
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