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  • Do you all think it is better one way or the other? I feel already being exalted allows for easier book-keeping and just a smoother first session. However, exalting during the session makes their capture more justifiable and honestly just allows for a more dramatic story in the session.

    I like that idea of encouraging experienced players to be experienced dragon-blooded, I am not sure if there will be takers as I feel the experienced group of player enjoys the more powerful sets of solar charms, but I will...
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  • I think I might do something along these lines. Tell them this will be a campaign with an undead theme to it, and then ask them what they wish for their characters to personally accomplish and hopefully be able to incorporate it all.

    I must have missed this in my read-through of the book. The main reason for them exalting in combat on the ship is to justify them all being captured as mortals rather than exalts. But, I suppose having multiple abyssals capture them, and then one transport would work just as well and let me skip over the complications
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  • I see, I suppose it does make sense that they should relatively be able to accomplish whatever they want as solar/lunar given time and resources. I will have to work more on this, as of now I have a planned out introduction, and then an over-arching plot with a few ideas for sub-plots related to this plot to place throughout the campaign. This is a far cry from the kinds of campaigns I run in Dungeons and Dragons, but I really like that and think it is part of the reason I want to run a game. I just pray I will be able to adapt to running a game focused on the "how" rather than if they...
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  • Usurpation of Fate Chronicle [Requesting assistance for campaign]

    I am brand new to this forum. I am seeking to start a campaign in 3e exalted, but would like some help brainstorming ideas that better fit in the world of exalted. As well as help finding a more natural sense of progression in exalted. I am used to DnD's xp system, CR, and a progression system based on combat; so I feel a little nervous planning out a campaign and challenges without that clear sense of progression. If I am not supposed to be asking for help for a specific campaign in this forum please let me know.

    First I will explain a very basic main plot and conflict...
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