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  • That's short range I'd say though, ranges are more than a little abstract but Medium being about as far as you can throw a javelin without magic it's quite the hole, and the fall damage table is generally be considered to be pretty harsh.

    Assuming no one is sitting on Surprise Anticipation Method + Keen Hearing and Touch (in which case I'd let them roll to hear the sappers in time to get out), I'd make them roll Per+Awareness-4 at difficulty 3 to wake up as the floor starts giving out in time to react. If they fail they take short range fall damage and are prone, on...
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  • It kills a pretty athletic person with bad luck. You can be a pretty athletic without being superhumanly (excellency) athletic.

    I'm calling it heavy handed based on that the encounter mostly boils down to if everyone has the Athletics excellency or not, which yes most exalted tend to end up having but it's crazy punishing if you don't.

    A 1 in 10 chance....
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  • The Rampharts sinkhole creates difficult terrain, not a death-pit. Reshape Battlefield resculpts the battlefield "before that battle" and there is no enemy battle group for the Earth Aspect to target with either effect so that's no help here.

    Per+Athletics -3. If anyone's sitting at average Per and no Athletics excellency even with a stunt and a WP they are not unlikely to eat the full 4 auto lethal and 7 dice bashing, after which they probably eat the bonfire due to wound penalties and then are out in short order.

    Being incapacitated in your sleep...
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  • I was counting on considerable magic to make it a week, medium range is like 50m-ish, that's a gigantic pit that the players happen to be sleeping over. Fall damage is also pretty brutal, if someone fails to get 3 successes and doesn't have Soaring Crane Leap or an Ox-Body they are most likely incapacitated.

    Edit: To be clear i think it sounds like a great fight with the exceptioin of the fall damage at the start which is a bit 'succeed or you don't get to play' combined with an improbable set-up.
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  • They have a spy network on their side and their enemies manage a weeks (at least, medium range is a big hole) work of sapping literally right under them without anyone noticing?
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  • Yeah. F.ex. some big horns or antlers from your spirit-shape no matter what form you take.

    In a game where other people aren't optimising it should perfectly fine without the +1 parry and you free up 4 extra merit-dots and you can use shapeshifting for disguises a lot easier.

    Animal forms and sorcery are both low barrier of entry high pay-off abilities that work great together and shape-shifting sorceror is a solid thematic archetype. Even without hippos and the ISoB control bonus both being on the overtuned end it would still be a strong flexible combo.....
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