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  • TerrorCooper
    TerrorCooper posted a Visitor Message for LostLight
    Greetings! I’m a fan of your homebrew works, and recently tried to have another look at your fan-splat Conjurer: The Shattering (, but found that I couldn’t, for whatever reason. Note that I was trying to access the Google Doc. Might I ask if it’s a glitch, or have you taken it down for whatever reason?
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  • TerrorCooper
    replied to 1001 Geist plot hooks!
    80) Deal With a What?!

    Rumours have started spreading of a Sin-Eater who somehow managed to forge the Bargain with a Cthonian of all things. Naturally, most Bound brush it off as it just being the result of someone having had some bad cheese before going to bed, or whatever. That is until said Bound shows up in [Insert-Player-Home-Settlement], announces themselves and unintentionally sets every Geist in the Region into a fear-fueled, berserker-like frenzy in the process
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  • Not sure, it's been a while since I've checked the Crossover section of the available docs (or that could just be my memory going on the fritz again)....
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