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  • Okay, I have something to say regarding mixed-splat troupes.

    Namely, while it can be really hard to pull off, it’s still possible. One just has to develop some sort of in-universe justification as to just why all these different supernaturals are working together, instead of just leaving or tearing each other apart, and maybe also play off of the drama spawned by the meeting and interactions of differing world views and belief systems....
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  • I agree with ArcaneArts on this. The NWoD/CoD/GMC rules are a lot more compatible with crossovers than O/CWoD based on what I’ve heard, so it’s ultimately up to a combination of what sort of setting you’re trying to make, what sort of game you’re wanting to run, what you and your players would genuinely consider fun, and your own preferences.

    Though one possible work around could be that, while the various splats do indeed exist in your setting, none beyond those you’ve listed as already being present have yet found a reason to actually head towards the city. Heck, you could even...
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