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  • Magesrook
    replied to [IC] Exalted Seas
    BanFiz surveys the layout of the workshop and smiles. After closing the door to ensure he's alone he begins to work. He's movements are quick and precise and within the hour, he has containers of two different powders. One seems to have a slight blue tint while the other is a firey red. This should get us started he thinks, I can make the rest at a more normal pace. He starts again on more of the Water Resistant formula. Ethan and his troops should enjoy this.

    Water Resistant Firedust using CNNT
    : 10d10x7 8

    Impact Explosive Firedust using CNNT
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  • Magesrook
    replied to [IC] Exalted Seas
    Thinking to himself he needs to do something more If this is the quality of opponents they will face BanFiz begins to imagine a better weapon. Knowing this will take time and resources he doesn't currently have he knows he will have to tart with something smaller. Calling to Ethan he asks, "Do you have a place i can work, I may not be exceptional in a fight but I may be able to make something to help us further." Are there weapons or tools your men could use?"
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