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  • TheStray7
    replied to On the nature of iron
    This is, of course, still assuming that mortal physics apply to the situation at all, and that's not guaranteed when we're talking about mythic beings whose entire schtick is that they are only bound to the bits of reality they are contractually obligated to acknowledge....
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  • It's inconsistent. And it's been inconsistent since 1e. A lot of art for Changeling has fetches clearly represented by various types of constructs, but the text tends to imply that fetches don't look different from normal humans (even to those who can see the Mien, which every Fetch can thanks to Attuned to the Wyrd), and the Normalcy Echo says the Fetch with it can't be detected as anything other than human by any Fae detective magic.

    So it's up to the Storyteller how they want to portray them.

    If the ST wants to say that Fetches have a Mask and Mien like Changelings,...
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