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  • I would argue the Niktuku, Lore-wise are enough to keep Nosferatu cooperative.

    And further, not stated in Lore but more headcannon for me: the Nosferatu Founder was a Hunter, likely knew a good bit on animal behavior, and used super high level disciplines to create the Niktuku to keep the clan sharp. Not to destroy them but to cull the unfit.

    And if i remember right, the Independent clans of Revised tended to have single clan base-cities. Buts thats going on decades old memory....
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  • If you must, some tables ive rolled at had interesting Astrological interpretations of the clans.

    Original Seven more or less fit the 7 Classical Planets.

    Revised 13 align with the Houses of the Zodiac. Yes, there are 13 Houses....
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  • I disagree. And you are focusing too much on Disciplines. Auspex is overrated for spying.

    Lets take a look:

    The MAIN factor that makes Nosferatu the Spies of WoD is in the Clan Lore, their Founder was a legendary hunter. Wait, what does Hunting have to do with spying? Trapping is a form of hunting. To trap game, one must know the habits of the target game.

    Nosferatu due to their Curse, have always had to reside AWAY from humans and thus, most other vampires. Partly no one wanting to be around them, partly cant be seen by humans or else there will be problems....
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