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  • I don't agree. A lot of them make sense if they experienced something to trigger their obsession. An encounter with someone, a trauma or simply a bad explanation of human social rituals can be triggers to their obsessions. Let's go over a few of the "weirder" ones.

    -Break mirrors wherever it goes, ok so it hates it's own reflection because it forces it to see that it's still just a monster
    -Draws eyes and mouths over its skin, they probably saw a teenager bored and passing time by doodling over themselves with a sharpie, and took it as inspiration for themselves....
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  • "What in hell is wrong with you!?" - A collection of quirks, flaws, and obsessions

    So I was thinking about how to present the otherness of the Created through roleplaying after my last chronicle ended. Players often forget that mechanics cannot do all the work for them, and so they were confused by the idea of losing their powers (yes, again) in exchange for mortality.

    So I thought that having a collection of quirks, flaws, obsessions and whatnot for players to skim through would allow for a better understanding of the alien nature of Prometheans, and their quest for mortality. Feel free to add your owns.

    -An unreasonable hatred of flowers, they'll...
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