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  • Some notes about this story.

    I made a few changes to the published Ashes by Ashes story. I changed the kidnapping victim from Lodin to Lorraine. Even with my also changing Roarke from a Ghoul to a Gangrel, I found the idea of a single person staking and capturing the Prince to be a little too easy. His Neonate Childe however, felt like fair game.

    I also removed the encounter with Ballard via helicopters and a shootout at dawn. That all felt very pushy and forced. In fact, Ballard appears nowhere in my story as Lodin isn't missing, so there's no use for him really. ...
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  • Session 4, Ashes to Ashes
    January 2nd, 1990

    The Coterie begins their evening by heading to the address given to them by Lodin. They find themselves at a small suburban home, west of Chicago proper. Here they are greeted by a Ghoul named Natasha, that the Players(not characters) recognized from the Flashback story. Natasha has been expecting them and leads them into the house.

    The first thing Natasha shows the Coterie is the dead body of another Ghoul, Derek. Derek was Lorraine's personal bodyguard. He appears to have been shot twice at close range with a hand...
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  • Session 3, Baptism By Fire
    January 1st, 1990

    The Coterie arrives at the Succubus Club in search of leads to Lodin. Carl spots a group of frat boys giving a patron a hard time. The frat boys are hurling homophobic slurs at a patron seated in a booth with 2 other gentlemen. Carl uses his Disciplines to defuse the situation and send the frat boys away. The patron introduces himself to the group as Sir Henry Johnson, a Toreador. As thanks for their help, Sir directs them to another bar known as the Cave, owned by one Horace Turnbull. Sir Henry suggests that Horace can get in touch...
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  • Session 2, The London Job
    June 18th, 1981

    This session consisted of a Flashback. The Players took the roles of human criminals. These criminals were hired by a man named Roarke to steal a book from an auction in London. The group consisted of Natasha (played by Siobhan), the group's muscle; Amber (played by Ophelia), the honeypot; Derek (played by Carl), the driver; and Julian (NPC), the criminal.

    The auction was disguised as a black tie gala, with many wealthy patrons in attendance.
    Natasha and Julian climbed rooftops to make it to the building where...
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  • Thanks guys. More to come, we are actually a bit further than this, I'm just behind on my write ups....
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  • Session 1, Forged in Steel
    December 31st, 1989

    The first session more or less was completely devoted to Modius' NYE party. The Coterie all attended as requested.

    The party was held in the once opulent, but now teetering on dilapidated, mansion of Modius, vampire Prince of Gary, Indiana. They met the Kindred of Gary, including Modius and his soft spoken companion, Allicia. I chose to have Allicia not be mute, as in the source material, if just to make her easier to interact with. I also changed Michael, who was originally presented as a mentally handicapped...
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  • Chicago By Night, A Chronicle Write Up

    I have started my Chicago by Night chronicle. The story starts in 1989 with the Coterie's preludes. I am adapting the published adventures for Chicago, as well as mixing in some of my own ideas. The goal is to eventually make it to modern nights and the new v5 products. This thread with be a loosely detailed record of the events that transpire. Side note, despite being set in the 90s, I am using the v5 rules.

    The Coterie
    The Coterie are all citizens of Gary, at least for now. All three were Embraced in the second half of 1989 and are the 12th Generation. All will...
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