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  • nicolai
    replied to [V5] Fixing Frenzy
    This is not exactly about the frenzy rules, but may be could help you. You said you get a lot of bestial crits during combat, in that cases I prefer not to send the PC to frenzy, instead I look for a penalty in their success. An easy aproach I like to use force the attack into an All-Out attack (see page 298). Depenging on the situation you could also make them unarmed becouse they broke their weapon during the attack or get it stuck in the opponents body or simply give them some stains if appropiate.
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  • nicolai
    replied to Brainwashing in V5
    To create a ghoul you must feed him with a rouse check equivalent of vitae, but there is not stated in the rulebook the amount of vitae to create a blood bond, so I would say that just a couple of drops would be enough. So yes, you can create a blood bond without turning them into ghouls....
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