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  • So - I thought that was what I should be doing as well. I've been following the "refine Focus Magic for better spells" path. So my Mancer is now just reached 4th level. But I have just:
    2 1st level spells
    2 2nd level spells
    2 3rd level spells
    and now 2 4th level spells.

    I'm rereading page page 113 of the rule book on "Learning New Spells" and found the following:

    "Each time a mancer or minister gains a level, she can choose two new spells at her current spell level. She can ALSO choose to improve her spellcasting secrets...
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  • Monarchies of Mau - Spellcaster Advancement Confusion

    I need some help/clarification for the Advancement rules for Spellcasters in the game.

    In the Advancement section, it mentions that Spellcasters get "2 + Con" more spellpoints and two new spells of their level.

    Is this two new spells of their current level (before advancing) or two new spells of the level they are advancing into?

    I ask, as in the Spellcasting based secrets, there is a refinement that's listed as "Get two new spells of the higher-level".

    So I'm unclear if, for example, going from 1st level spellcaster to 2nd...
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