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  • We did a crazy short campign once where we were the neonates in the Second City an were tol by our sires to flee just a the city w going down. We fled westwards and found places to sleep in. Then we woke up in 2002 in UK and it ws hillarious to play Kindred of the 5th generation that had slept or thousands and thousands years and had to deal with understanding modern times
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  • I am running a Chicago y Night chronicle started in 1992 and it is now 1997. The girl who plays a Tremere Seer does not know any story or lore aside from that she as gotten in-game and the other players are very careful not to share anything with her off-game.
    She is very curious and has a strong dislike for the Tremere antitribu. So the next session wll start with her getting a vision aout the conlagration of the antitriu as something that is about to happen.

    She has also gotten a a feeling of dread with a forshadowing aout chains that will break, and the emergence of Ur-Shulgi...
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