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  • Any non-american city to see what happens in the rest of the world.
    Fall of London can not be seen as a City by night book...
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  • [V5] Camarilla Book. What are the seven labours

    On page 84 of the new Camarilla Book it says "To become full Ancillae the Coterie members must
    together pass the Seven Labours" There are nothing that explains what these seven labours are. Is that from another book to a previous edition like v20 or DA. Or just something that the Writers omitted to explain?
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  • [Chicago by Night V1-V5] What would happen if Alexis survived?

    Alexis clearly had Protean 3 if you believe what Marc Levasque hopes for.

    We know that Balthazar drove a stake into Alexis and could not allow his childe to die. But what if Balthazar did not hit his Sire's heart and that she was burned by the flames but just before final death she used her last blood in order to crawl to the earth cellar and melded with the ground and there went into torpor.

    I am playing with the idea that Alexis had another Childe than Balthazar and this child in turn got another and this grandchilde of Alexis became a PC's sire. What if Alexis now...
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