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  • Rucun
    replied to So: What's Next?
    Why people always think changeling PCs should be kids? I seriously never got the impressions that this was the intended/classic way to play it reading the books.

    Buy Anyway. I agree that wraith is much easier to sell.

    I think a changeling game would be better explored in a episodic game, like life is strange, telltale games, etc. Changeling should totally be story game, not a action game....
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  • The amkhat cannot steal skills this way, only memories. But yeah, only npc wraiths will be affected by this.

    Im wondering thought, would a wraith realize the amkhat is now a fetter? Would it need certai arcanoi to do so? Can a Wraith without lifeweb understand what happend?...
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  • Wraith and Amkhat interaction question: Stolen memories

    Hi, the game Im currently running is not really a wraith game, but I do enjoy wraith and it's lore, so I mostly try to use the official lore and rules for it as long as it doesn't get in the way of the game.

    Recently I've been thinking about using the amkhat as enemies in my chronicle. But my plan is to use only the amkhats, not the whole mummy game. Im considering amkhat exists solely as some kind of hedge sorcerers, nothing related to mummies.

    Amkhat have the power to gain attributtes from the bodies they ritualistic eat. Certain parts give certain attributes,...
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  • Rucun
    replied to A vital Pooka Question
    you'd have to ask the pooka watchers...
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