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  • Jesus, this was long I will not read everything. But I saw a lot of shitty takes from people who appear strangely uncomfortable with the trans subject being portrayed in any way. Nice to see a lot of very reasonable posts too.

    I think more important than the tribe, is the totem, if pegasus accepts a trans woman, who is anyone to say otherwise? the literal totem that validates your tribe is accepting someone, do you think you know more than it? And I do think Pegasus could accept trans women, absolutely.
    I've asked myself this same question for another reasons that is related...
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  • What if a inanimae becomes part of a kami?

    Let's say there is this inanimae called Bob, who is a Glome, his anchor is in this mountain. One day Gaia decided to turn the entire mountain into a kami, and Bob is in it. What happens to him?

    I'm just wondering about such a possibility now, and it looks like an interesting hook for a unique NPC or a chronicle. I'm interested to see what you can suggest about the idea, but I do have some of my own that I will be throwing around, from most possible to just "cool but wouldn't happen".

    The tame answer

    - The Inanimae now lives IN the kami,...
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  • Changeling penal units, they can be a great plot device

    Im not saying anything original or that the game disagrees with that. It's just the conclusion I've come to in my game.

    In my game a brief rebellion occurred. And the players managed to defeat the enemy leader (A duke of house gwydion) before the big battle, the rest of his forces tried to retaliate but lost their will after seeing the king’s forces. The Duke nephew, a countess surrendered the remaining forces in exchange for mercy. The king agreed to and the enemy forces has to take a geas in which the sworn to never take arms against concordia during this life, and that they...
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  • Rucun
    replied to The REALM of Infusion
    My bad, I wasn't aware oaths remained and thought they "gamefied it" just like they turned dragon's ire into an art. Seens like I jumped to conclusions....
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