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  • Krat05
    replied to 1001 CofD Plot Hooks
    28) You live in a rural community, where everyone knows everyone. One morning, someone turns up dead. Murdered. Tensions start to rise as the investigation progresses. Then you or one of your friends discovers something very chilling.
    Every 100 years, the town is gripped by an insidious madness that makes the residents homicidally insane. But the time each "season of slaughter" ends, the population has been approximately halved.
    You check your calendar & find that it's time for the season to begin. And how do you know that you haven't been effected?

    ● Two...
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  • Krat05
    started a topic Denizen Scions: A Question

    Denizen Scions: A Question

    Suppose a Denizen becomes a Scion. Suppose this Denizen's Supernatural Origin Path is exclusive to a single culture. Is the Denizen capable of becoming Scion to any god, or must they be bound to one from the very culture that they themselves come from?
    To put it another way, suppose the Supernatural Origin Path reads Áos Sidhe Captive. Can they become the Scion of say, Amaterasu, or are they limited to the Irish deities?
    If they are not so limited, what might the consequences of such a decision be?
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  • Krat05
    replied to Fanmade & Homebrew Flaws
    Magic Addiction: You show signs of addiction in regards to the use of magic. You can also show withdrawal symptoms. Select a variety of magical energy, you become addicted whenever you interact with this particular magical energy.

    Arcane Allergies: You are allergic to magical energies. Select a variety of magical energy, you have allergic reactions whenever you interact with this particular magical energy.
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