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  • Thanks for all the input.

    I'm making a character for a new story. When I got to the embrace with my ST, it occurred to me that the character's Sire may not want anyone nearby when the embrace took place. Hence the question.

    That said, I don't think it would be hard for the Sire to slash a kine or two aside for the character. The embrace is in a war time. It's just the initial burst of hunger from the embrace that needs to be resolved.

    A related question, it said the childer will feel like he is burned and take awhile (hours?) for the changes in his body...
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  • Can a Sire feed their own vitae to newly embraced childer?

    Newly embraced vampires are said to rise hungry for blood. Often in a frenzy.

    In the absence of a kine to feed on or for other reasons, can a Sire satiate this initial hunger with his/her own blood/vitae?

    *Things like the Sire is able to stop his childer from feeding once enough is given etc is assumed.
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  • Wingstorm
    started a topic Playing against Stereotype

    Playing against Stereotype

    I'm playing a dark/middle ages game with a Tremere character, that I find and was told to be not typical of what is expected of a Tremere.

    So I'm curious, how many and which characters have you played that have personalities, abilities or just overall, against the stereotype of their clans?

    Are such characters interesting to play? Or are they bogged down too heavily by the expectations of playing as members of their clans and have to change along the way?

    Have anyone made a peaceful Brujah? Emotionless Toreador? Immaterial and kind Venture? Or even a humanistic...
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  • I don't think the embrace actually makes you look better per say. It just heals and fixes problems you have like balding, acne, etc. To make you the best you can be.

    If your ugly or handsome, your still as is.

    When I mentioned plastic surgery, I was thinking things like nose jobs or actually changing the shape and looks of a person. Same for looking weight or exercising to look fitter....
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  • Thanks for this suggestion. I showed it to my ST and she plans to use it....
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  • You're ready for the Embrace. But first! Plastic Surgery!

    So... I may have watched 1 too many plastic surgery make over shows. Given how important looks are to people and the number of options people have now to make themselves look better*. That got me wondering...

    Since a vampire reverts to the look they have when they are embraced each night. In the modern nights, would a Sire get his/her potential childer some plastic surgery (if needed) before embracing?

    Same for getting training by a fitness instructor, dietitian, etc.

    Just so say childer would have the "look" they want for the rest of their unl...
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  • Just a sudden thought. Instead of asking a vampire to roll to fake having sex, why not have them roll to see if they can enjoy having sex?

    So high humanity still automatically allow your character to have sex, but for 7 and lower, a vampire will have to try to bring to mind what sex feels like and try to remember the pleasure of having sex.

    If they fail, they still had sex, they just don't seem to enjoy it.
    Just a sudden thought on how this can make more sense.
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  • Well, the ghoul in question is around 800~900 years old.
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  • [V20] Retainer Dots and Ghoul Creation

    So my ST has decided that she wants to transfer over to using V20 once our current V5 game/story is over.
    We (PCs) would likely have to rebuild our characters from scratch using the V20 system.

    I'm checking up on some character related rules for V20, so that I can be prepared for the change.

    My character has a ghoul, one that has followed him for centuries.
    In V5, my ST have my character put more advantage points into retainer, to make for a more power ghoul. (He uses a more powerful human stats array)
    *Powerful/Stronger here and below, means having...
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