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  • When I contemplate unusual totems I sometimes think of Idigam but more often will think of either Totems from the Primal Wild or Spirit Ochema from some Archmaster invested in the Uratha. In the case of Supernal patrons what comes to mind is the joining of causes and mythos: the fall of the Border-Marshes and the Fall, keeping out invaders from the Maeljin and Annunaki, aligning symbols of Shadow and Supernal. I haven't gone far with the idea bit maybe one of you will go crazy with it.
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  • Excess
    replied to Magath Rites
    I don't mind homebrew that breaks away from the normal rules, but where the rules are misunderstood I feel compelled to clarify. Frankly, this is a case where the rules are ambiguous. Where do Rites come from? Aside from the obvious, that is. Some entrees in the Rites section of the second edition make it sound as though Rites come from actions and broad patterns, others describe them as a "pact." Maybe they have multiple origins? In any case I am not any more convinced that mere magaths give rise to new Rites than I am convinced that they give rise to new Gifts, though I can't say you're...
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  • Two plans or previews of what will eventually happen for the the other Legacies:

    For the Death Priests I am thinking that the Death Arcanum will be focused on dealing with ghosts and Sin-eaters while the Prime Arcanum is focused on the Krewe and ceremonies. As these are interconnected, the categories are not rigid. I think that the best course there is to reread Geist: the Sin-eater and the Arcana sections, then figure out how the mage helps out on a daily basis. After that then we will have a good idea on how to craft the Attainments.

    For the Unashamed I am taking direction...
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  • I am back, will respond soon.
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