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  • Accidently kill the master of the Dojo the tournament is being held at during the exhibition bout to introduce it (this is a thing that actually happened in one of our 2nd ed. DB games due to an inopportune use of Five Dragon Force Blow)

    Challenge all the other participants to a fight at the same time and win.

    Challenge all the other participants to a fight at the same time and lose.
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  • I think it depends on whether you build for thematics or for mechanical effectiveness. Building for effectiveness seems to reward deep-diving one offensive ability and one defense whereas building for thematics means you often spread your dots a bit more.

    As an example of a more thematic build look at the stats for Olaf Keelbreaker I posted in the Lunar Characters thread a while back. He has 2 dots in thrown and 4 dots in brawl despite being a primary melee fighter, having no charms that support them, and having terrible stats for actually using those two abilities simply because...
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