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  • For that specific Refinement, yes. In fact, might as well make it official, if you get an Exceptional Success on the Mantle creation roll, you get a Refinement Mentor, NOT a Furnace. For any other refinement that you somehow finish all three roles for... no, you'd still get your Vitriol back. I just think it's difficult to have other fixed alembics when you're focusing so much on just one. Keeping in mind what I've seen from other player's experience suggesting that a Role takes around ~6 sessions to fulfill, and that you'll want to spend Vitriol on improving Pilgrimage ON TOP OF the process to...
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  • I've given some further thought as to the idea of 4-dot powers uniting the Refinement together. While I'm still not sure as to XP costs for that, or any other requirements, here's an example I thought up for Stannum:

    Arcing Purge
    By employing the use of Electrification to carry a current of flux repulsing energy, the Apostle can shoot out a bouncing strand of lightning that burns out the Disquiet in people's bodies... violently.

    Cost: 4 Pyros
    Action: Instant
    Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Magnitude
    Treat the bolt of lightning as a (Disquiet)B...
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  • First, thanks for the review! I'm glad to see that you enjoy it, as I was a bit worried that the overall reception would be a bit more negative. Now, for your points:

    They do regain Pyros with the sunrise, but NOT from their former element, that's something I'll have to edit when I'm not on lunch break.

    The implementation of Influences was... something of a tug-of-war I had internally. I wanted something that would demonstrate the character's "allegiance" of sorts to the Refinement and be suitably powerful enough as a "super template" of sorts. My...
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  • Refined Apostles: An attempt to create a Super-Template

    This is essentially my first draft for a way to give Promethean characters a "Super Template" while still having the New Dawn actually be meaningful. Based partly on some suggestions by RomulusGloriosus here, I added my own flavoring to the mix to A) Not plagiarize, and B) Justify the "Super" part of the template. So, here's what I have so far, feel free to ask questions or give suggestions!

    The Refined Apostles

    Originating from the Greek "Apostolos", or "Messenger," the Refined Apostles are simultaneously a goal post for many Created...
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  • So, quick question: How much Vitriol XP would a player generally "earn" compared to normal XP?

    To give an example, if a player over the course of a chronicle has earned 10 "normal" XP, how much Vitriol XP would they have by that point? I'm asking as someone who has never actually played PtC before, but might ST it sometime in the future.
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  • Question regarding Eminence Regalia

    Something I wanted to ask about the Eminence effect for Regalia: Does the +1 increase in Rank still apply to Sin-Eaters who are Effective Rank 5? Would an Unleashed Rank 5 Geist with this regalia have a 6-dot Influence? I'm just wondering because it seems like a really cool thing to have, even if you'd have to start working out homebrew for all that you could do with [Key Influence] 6.
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