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  • Toa_Kiril
    started a topic Cults of the blood gods uk release

    Cults of the blood gods uk release

    as the title suggests, does anyone know when/if the newest source book gets a release date from uk retailers?...
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  • Looking for a VTM 5E game

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if here is the right place for the message, if its not, please tell me where

    I am looking for a UK based VTM group who need an extra player. i am sure its important to most people, i am 26 years old lol

    I have discord so joining a group shouldn't be an issue

    I would like to join a group of around the same age group. so 20 y/o and up i suppose
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  • Toa_Kiril
    started a topic "abuse the system" characters

    "abuse the system" characters

    hi everyone,

    So I was talking with my players about playing VTM in the new year. One of my players (usual one i talk about, the "eat the pope" guy) said the following when I was redesigning a character he made so it made mechanical sense. example: he used "blade mistress" as a melee skill, i asked him and he said knifes. so i changed it to knifes.

    about making characters, his exact message to me when I sent the updated character to him was:

    "Dude thx but no thx I build character based on an idea I have in mind at the time sometimes...
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