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  • Toa_Kiril
    replied to Story Telling Help
    False Epiphany so, please humour me a moment, as the core book didn't help with my issues, youtube had different opinions and mostly v20 guides, and I am a genuine novice. If its not at all out of line, could you please advise how to craft a chronicle for players who's experiences are mostly DnD. (they have said they are open to new systems and wont compare its mechanics to DnD). I know that these sorts of games can be crafted to the players and the DM's designs but I am looking for a simple: "follow this" instructional sort of thing. a starting point. so that when i get better at GM'ing...
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  • Toa_Kiril
    started a topic Story Telling Help

    Story Telling Help


    Me again.

    Sorry, i know i post this alot, but i am finding it very tricky to write VTM chronicles and understand the general rules of table top RPG's. I read this in one of the books:

    "Player characters may want to explore the restaurant. At this point, they probably will not be able to, but you need to have information in advance in case it’s asked."

    everything i have been told about the world of Table Top RPG's goes against the above example completely. if i say to a player "you cant go in there" their first response...
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