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  • I really like the way you see this possibility and the system to actually use marionette 3 as an attack. Your system is more based on the Bound sheet and seems more accurate to me. I'd saw a chronicle were the storyteller did define as the dice roll to rip off doors, arms and use the Phantom Stregth as the "power atributte" of the geist. However, I don't know where did it come from....
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  • The description of Marionette 3 literally says:

    "The Sin-Eater’s control over the Marionette expands. Her Plasmic tendrils grow stronger, able to lift and move larger objects and bend them to her will. While previously she could lift a cop’s gun from its holster and shoot it, now she can manipulate the policeman directly. She can rip open a car like a tin can or slam a door as someone tries to walk through it. Using this ability with Swarm allows her to puppeteer multiple people at once, making entire groups dance to her own tune or hefting multiple large objects."
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  • WickedOne
    started a topic Questions about the Marionette Haunt

    Questions about the Marionette Haunt

    I saw at Onyx Path Publishing Discord's Server a girl questioning about the Marionette Haunt, so how I preffer forum I'm here to make 2 questions:

    1 - Could a sin-eater uses Level 3 Marionette to rip off someone's limbs (like arm) or even decapitate? The book's description of this level says "She can rip open a car like a tin can"... Marionette creates strings of plasm over the victim maybe the player could just pull the strings in diferent directions and this will make a car open like a tin can while you hold the lower part of it and pull the superior part with the strings....
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