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  • Is there anything in the books that would allow specialty stacking? Or is this a completely far fetched idea?...
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  • Create the most powerful starting combat Vampire. (Only For Fun)

    Rules: Standard VtR 2e character generation. All books allowed. If willing to, please also include where the character would go from there.

    I've recently gotten into VtR, (VtM fan) and I saw a past forum saying that a starting Gangrel could hit someone for ~50 dice if they wanted to. I don't know how true these claims are, but it peaked my interest into seeing how insane standard characters can become, so I've made this thread sate my curiosity. As a note this is purely for fun, and wouldn't be used in most games with a sane ST.
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  • Wonders as Focuses? And Personalized Instrument Rules.

    Can a mage use a wonder as a focus? If so then I have a question:

    If the wonder is a "personalized instrument" will the Wonder recieve the -1 to the sphere roll as well?

    Example: A wonderous sword that employs the Forces sphere to increase its momentum and is a personalized instrument giving -1 diff to forces sphere. Will the sword's arete roll recieve the -1 diff as well. All wonder rolls are at diff 7, so in this case would it become diff 6?...
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