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  • I had another question about Dread Gaze: the power states that it affects a single victim, but I do not understand how to roleplay it.

    For example, a kindred is talking to 3 humans in the street. Suddenly, the "dreadgazer" kindred shows fangs and claws and horrible face etc. and only one person out of the 3 flees, the others unaffected? It seems quite unrealistic to me.

    In older editions, it wasn't very clear, but it seemed it could affect multiple victims. I understand that for gamebalancing they reduced it to a single one (a second level power to make flee...
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  • Thanks for your answers, but in fact, for many reasons linked to my chronicle, I wanted to replace Japhet's cloak by the teaching of ritual/necromancy power from Japhet in The Last supper, hence my question. :P

    So if I understand, it means the answer is no, there is nothing official for such a thing!
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