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  • Thanks. I guess the name Persistent Condition is a bit misleading, at least to me. As you put it, the difference with regular Conditions is less about fading or lasting, and more about the effort required to resolve it. The two concepts usually coincide most of the time, but not always....
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  • I have a question about the Comatose Condition. From what I understand:
    - If your Clarity track is filled and you take mild damage, you gain the Comatose Condition.
    - If your Clarity track is filled and you take severe damage, you get the Persistent version instead.

    Does this imply that the non-Persistent version is temporary? Usually, non-Persistent Conditions are meant to be resolved within the session, and may be removed if no longer relevant (and the ST may choose do grant the beat or not). Does this apply to the mild Comatose as well? Can the Condition "fade...
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  • Another thing to consider is how Supernatural Tolerance traits factor in.
    AFAIK, traits like Blood Potency, Primal Urge etc. are always used in Contested dice pools, they never add up to resist powers.

    For instance, Dominate Discipline powers are usually either:
    [some dice pool] vs Resolve + Blood Potency, or
    [some dice pool] - victim's Resolve

    I don't think I've ever seen something like:
    [some dice pool] - victim's Resolve - victim's Blood Potency

    Which means that it doesn't matter whether you're a neonate or an elder vampire with...
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