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  • I have have recently started running a CtL 2e chronicle revolving around a Tier 2 kind of mystery: there is a unknown supernatural phenomenon from the Hedge that is threatening the whole Freehold/city/region.
    The way I designed the setting, there is also room for some political conflict, if the players wish to go for that.
    Only one player seems to be interested in dealing with his Fetch, while the others don't really care.

    The way it's presented in the 2e book, and judging by some posts on this forum, it seems that the game is very oriented towards the "getting your...
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  • In my experience, a lot times you're not really calling for a specific roll, but asking your players the kind of roll they want to use.

    As Heavy Arms said, different Attributes and Skills define the type of approach used, which is something that most of the time you let the players decide.
    One player may state a very general intention, like "I want to interrogate the suspect", and the ST asks "How do you proceed?".
    The more the player describes the specifics, the more it becomes clear the kind of roll that is called for. If the player imagines the interrogation...
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  • moonwhisper
    replied to The Horror Show
    I'm so glad to see you back in action, Reighnhell! I always enjoyed looking at your "collection" threads, they've been a great source to draw upon.
    Any chance we'll see also more Twilight entities?
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