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  • As I house-rule, if a player has the Spheres to detect something built into the effect they are casting, they can specify that thing as the target or thing defended against.

    If the spell is "Filter any Vampires",
    "Filter" is Life 2, Forces 3.
    "Vampires" is Life 1, Forces 1 (a nonliving person whose heat signature is different from any other).

    As for the specifics of Presence, I haven't looked at a Vampire rulebook in some time. When I played, the level 3 Entrancement was an Appearance + Empathy role. That would definitely be affected...
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  • The advantage of this spell is that it is self-targeted, avoiding the resistances of one or multiple Vampires in the encounter. You are using Life 2 to anchor the spell to your body and Forces 3 to transform light and soundwaves coming in, but only those originating from Vampires.

    For each of the five basic powers of Dominate and Presence, the Storyteller would have to read through the description and determine whether the effect would block or weaken the power being used by the Vampire. I think it would be quite effective against Dominate, since it prevents real eye contact and...
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  • I think with Life 2 and Forces 3, you could create a sensory filter around your own head that superimposes representative images of Vampires over the real ones and converts their voice to bland subtitles....
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  • HorizonParty2021
    replied to Technocratic Ghosts
    Some would want to consult the ghost to find out the real history of the Union. Others would want to silence this witness. Still others would want to eliminate it because of its supernatural nature, perhaps after a bit of study.

    If it is specific to the High Guild/Syndicate, the NWO might want to pump it for info. Other Conventions would be drawn into the plot. Void Engineers would at least want to contain it so it couldn't disrupt the Consensus. Further ideas depend on the NPCs you already have running. I hope this is helpful....
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