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  • Hmm. I have mixed feelings. I feel really sad for David - Changeling 2E was his baby, and feeling like you need to step away from something you love has GOT to be hard. I also feel really bad for OPP, who probably feel pretty trapped.

    I'm also quite excited for Rose to be co-developing, though - if VtR 2E was anything to go by (and I'm sure it is), this is in very safe hands! There were some things that I really loved about where CtL was going, and a few things that I really, really didn't. All in all, I just hope that an awesome game gets made and that everyone can go on after this,...
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  • The first session of my current WtF game (and the first CoD game for the players) was an unholy amalgamation of the First Change and The Funeral frameworks. Worked pretty well, but I think you'd need a lot of player buy-in (and, in retrospect, some thought as to how to justify time-skips when necessary).
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