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  • UPDATE! We've had, like, three sessions since I last posted (sorry!), which you can find starting here. Quite a bit happens, including:

    - Dean and Anastasia go on an adventure to T-Town (it ends...badly? Maybe?),
    - Matthew and Jamie go Toad Busting (I'd say it makes sense in context, but I'm not sure that it does), and
    - Jamie goes on an Initiation of sorts... ()
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  • I'd prefer to keep the world of the Dragon Kings away from being too modern, myself ("they're just like now but not"), so I'd keep long-distance communication limited to those who can use the Mnesis. It would simply be a function of someone creating a message or a store of information in the Mnesis, and someone else knowing how to access it in the shared creative space they have access to. Maybe with mystical protections, etc., if it's sensitive information.

    That, IMHO, serves to reinforce the idea that this world is different to ours, and to highlight the disconnect between...
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  • What Bunyip said, of course, but I definitely pictured things as pretty open-air, myself. Very "howdah". That being said, I could also see dinosaur-like creatures with sails, horns and other protuberances that would be very protective, or serve as a kind of "reinforced wall" to better protect the pilots, gunners and passengers.
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