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  • And thanks for the shout-out re: the Dark Eras Companion, too. My part of that was finished a looooong time ago now, though, so I was just waiting as (im-)patiently as everybody else for it to finally drop. Now that it has, though, I keep returning to it and gazing at all the pretty pictures based on our ideas. MUCH LIKE.
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  • Unfortunately, we've had disruption after disruption lately! I think that the thread has seen one or two updates that I haven't posted about here, but no - it's been a loooooong time since we last actually played.

    Thanks for the reminder, though, and I'll see whether I can rustle up some players to play again soon. In the meantime, if you're interested, I've got a Spotify playlist of inspirational music you may enjoy:
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  • Good question! Yes, I definitely think that wars between the Empires would be rather common - just never all-encompassing until the big shebang.

    Here are some of the other conflicts that I'd put into a Dragon Empires game:

    - Intra-Empire Politics: whether it's high-level, Game of Thrones / House of Cards-style intrigue, or watching a close-knit group of Imperial Army buddies climb their way up the ladder, I'd personally find that very interesting.

    - Dino-Hogwarts!: I'd LOVE to delve deeper into the academies, watching Wonder-Workers learn more about the Mnesis...
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