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  • I really like this idea. My initial thought was that the machine in the mine refines the gas in some way (hence why disabling it would cause said gas to leak into town), so adding something extra to its makeup would justify the God-Machine's interest and need for that gas, and its presence in the town. It could also allow for a follow-up game if the players should decide (and are able to) take a sample of the gas and either test it themselves or have it tested, and they discover the presence of something unknown.

    Excellent point. I'll come up with a third outcome; perhaps...
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  • Working on an introductory game for players new to CofD, and taking ideas/suggestions

    Recently, some friends of mine have started playing D&D, and when I bring it up they seem interested in Chronicles of Darkness as well. Some of them are experienced roleplayers who dimply haven't tried the game yet, but others are completely new to tabletop roleplaying altogether. So I want to put together a game that could be fun for both groups, function well as a one-shot game, and also offer room to expand if they decide they want to continue with the same group of characters.

    Here's my short pitch:

    The rural town of [pending, I'm bad at naming places] has attracted...
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