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  • Proficiency bonus + spellcasting ability modifier makes sense. If you became a Rune Caster at the minimum level (7th) and maxed at 12th, that would likely give you a total of 9 at 12th level. If it were half your level, that would barely cover your Inscribed Runes for the day. Still, rocking nine additional 5th level spells is pretty sweet!
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  • What would you base the limit on? From what I can tell, this is a variation of the Glyph of Warding (with some critical caveats, agreed). To be sure, I think a limit would be a good thing, just don't want it to be too restrictive....
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  • KnyghteFall
    started a topic QQ about the Runecaster and Inscribe Runes

    QQ about the Runecaster and Inscribe Runes

    Love all the wonderful additions and options from the Player's Guide! I am not entirely certain how this bit works, regarding the Inscribed Runes number, quoting from pages 90 and 91:

    pg 90: "Once inscribed with a spell, the rune remains in place, but inert, until the rune is triggered or dispelled."
    pg 91: "Inscribed Runes.The Rune Caster table shows the number of times you can inscribe a spell as a rune. At 1st level, you can use this feature twice. You regain all expended uses of it when you finish a long rest."

    So, for example, can a Rune...
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