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  • While any combination in your own flavour can work great, I would add:
    Judge/Hunter + Death/Order + Nextlahualli - Eternal Executioner
    Mainly because Teotl is particularly optimal for regular human sacrifice, which gains legend, momentum, triggers the 'don't need to eat or breathe' boon and generates extra momentum if the rest of the party have 'narrative difficulty' with it....
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  • notMidas
    replied to 2e Purviews, Knacks and other questions
    It's as Critian Caceorte says - it is explained under 'Legend Trait Effects' on 187-188 of the Hero book.
    Legend 1 = 2 boons, 5 calling dots
    Legend 2 = 2 boons, 6 calling dots
    Legend 3 = 3 boons, 6 calling dots
    Legend 4 = 4 boons, 7 calling dots

    It's essentially 1 boon every legend, but they give you an extra one at the start (I guess because having only 1 boon would be pretty boring)....
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