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  • pwtucker
    replied to Personal totem question
    Excellent feedback as always, thank you.

    I'm relieved that almost everything expressed above is in accordance with my own understanding. This is a momentous development for both the pack and the PC, and has indeed resulted in the pack totem taking offense and withdrawing its blessings from the PC in question. Given that the pack totem is Mammoth, he's been more lenient than perhaps another totem such as Grandfather Thunder might have been, but is still displeased and offended.

    I won't bore you with the entirety of the backstory, but suffice to say that the PC is entering...
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  • pwtucker
    started a topic Personal totem question

    Personal totem question

    One of my players has acquired an Uktena gaffling as a personal totem, and already put some xp into acquiring 2 Rage, 3 Gnosis, and 3 WP for it, along with the ability for it to always be close to him as well as have the charm Break Reality.

    My question: how often do you think the totem should be able to use the charm? It only has to roll against its gnosis, not spend any, so... whenever it wants?
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  • Questions about spirit combat & stare down

    Gonna keep this one quick:
    • Is there a way for spirits/banes to take multiple actions during a round?
    • Do you have all spirits inflict aggravated damage when striking with their claws/talons/what have you?
    Staredown: I've now been in two situations where both garou involved reached the same number of needed successes at the same time. What happens then?

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