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  • Just an update and a huge vote of thanks - ran the first half of this in the last session, and it went great. The Wyrmfoe used Black Fox's suggestions of the different tasks, and it came across as professional and confidence inducing. The PC's were sent to execute the diversionary attack, which made them feel important. By the end of the session they'd made it into the hive proper as part of the main attack, and everybody's having fun. Thanks!
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  • Attack on a Wyrm Hive + Complications. Any advice on how to structure?

    Next week, after a very long arc, the PC's are going to join in what is widely accepted as a suicidal strike on a fallen caern turned Wyrm Hive to rescue a captive Gaian Garou.

    There's a lot of politics behind it all, but in short the Silver Fang Wyrmfoe has decided to go all in so as to force her Grand Elder out of his Harano and end the deteriorating situation the sept has been dealing with this past decade. It's meant to be tragic and the culmination of a lot of despair. A powerful Fianna pack has pulled out, saying they won't take part in a suicide strike, leaving the GE Silver...
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