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  • Game Mechanics: Bits and Bobs

    Continuing today's braindump, here's some more junk. Just some little mechanical things that I want to implement.
    This bit is just a thing I want to try out, something to make basic, non-extended rolls more difficult. Lifted and adapted from the Burning Wheel rpg.


    Sometimes a task is more difficult, not due to any opposing force, but simply because of the complexity of the task. Specifically, when a roll is not Versus, Resisted, Extended, or otherwise handled by specific rules, the ST can set an Obstacle for the character
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  • Game Mechanics: Nodes (WIP)

    As written, Nodes are a bit fiddly. They have a Class, a Linchpin, and possibly an Icon, but they aren't given much treatment outside of that. So lets build them out a bit. The goal here is to lend some definition to each Node both in the context of the Conspiracy but also as its own entity.

    Node Template

    Node Name: The name of the node.
    Class: as written.
    Linchpin: as written.
    Icon: as written.
    Awareness: Each Node is either God-Machine, Supernatural(By Type), or Mundane.
    Theme: Each Node is either...
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  • Game Mechanics: The Basics

    The basic structure of the game will be supernatural creatures investigating the God Machine. I want players to have a wide variety of choices as to who and what their characters can be, but also I want to put some limits in place, mostly for my own sanity. So the list of allowed supernatural templates will be thus:

    - Mages
    - Werewolves
    - Vampires
    - Changelings
    - Geists
    - Beasts

    (you might notice that the factions were designed around this list)

    I still have a few decisions to make in this...
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  • Setting Details

    I'll be building my cyberpunk city on the skeleton of Damnation City's Newcastle, since it works well for my purposes.

    So we have Newcastle, a city of shadows. In my setting, it will be a city on the east coast of North America, and the year will be 2099 - the near-ish future.

    Some basic points I've already established:

    - The USA broke up during a conflict in the 2030's, leaving behind several successor states, a la Shadowrun. Not sure what the name of the new nation Newcastle is in will be, but let's call it New England for now....
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  • Airlock
    started a topic (Working Title) CoD: Machinations

    (Working Title) CoD: Machinations

    So here's the deal: I'm planning to run a West Marches-style Chronicles of Darkness campaign (actually I'm already like two months in to running it but that's neither here nor there). What I mean by that is that I (the ST) will run the game by giving a group of 8 or more players a list of days I'm available to run the game, and they form groups and decide what they want to do during a session. They tell me what their plans are, I prep the session, and we game. No overarching storyline, just characters playing around in the setting.

    There are a couple of reasons I want to do this....
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  • Airlock
    replied to Hacking: A first draft
    I think you're right that making the main hacking roll an extended action probably makes more sense, but I don't think I'd use the chase rules. Intrusions are almost impossible to detect in real-time, they're almost always either caught automatically by countermeasures or detected after the fact. I'll tinker with this a bit later.

    Edit: Although, on the other hand, if you're trying to hack your way into a network, making each hacking roll extended could result in a lot of rolling. I'll have to give this a think.
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  • Airlock
    started a topic Hacking: A first draft

    Hacking: A first draft

    Not sure if something like this has been done before, but here's a thing.


    Hacking is the art of getting into computer systems that do not want you there. This is a vastly complex topic, but to simplify, there are two reasons that a person might want to get into a system: to see the information that exists on that system, and to access the functions of that system.

    Information has value - we all know that knowledge is power. Because information has value, people want to protect their information. A hacker might want to acquire that information for any number...
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