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  • This is probably is one of those areas that depends on how closely you stick to real world physics. Irl, there really isn’t a “source” of a collision, from both object’s perspective the other is the one moving. Meaning you could cast on either, and enjoy the increased/reduced damage. But Forces doesn’t have to work like that, especially if you are working from the Mage’s perspective as a universal reference frame. In which case, whichever object is moving from the perspective of the mage is the one to target. The wording of the text potentially backs up the second interpretation by...
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  • Honestly, doesn't seem like a bad work around, since you are combining a spell, and have to take that into account when forming the Imago. I'd allow it.
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  • Little Eye (Forces •)
    Practice: Unveiling
    Primary Factor: Duration
    Withstand: N/A
    Suggested Rote Skills: Empathy, Investigation, Survival

    This spell is extremely well know for it's ability to restore sight to those Mages without. It's other common usage is as a remote eye, absorbing and transmitting light and sending it back to to a mage. With the advent of video technology, this spell has begun to fade in popularity somewhat, but many still find it useful in other ways. This Spell when cast on a subject allows a mage to see as if they were perfectly sighted,...
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