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  • Both of those ideas are really good! Definitely gonna go with the dead secrets one, so far as to change one of my Lair traits to Stench. Thanks a lot guys! ^.^
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  • Well the reasons I didn't put too much detail about the character, is because A) I wanted the identity of the horror to be divorced from the identity of the man, they're two entities that work together to survive and B) the man's personality and whatnot can be changed from the original idea. But I'll post the details anyways if it will help.

    The main concept is someone who was Devoured in early middle school. He was bullied a lot in the years leading up to this because of his short stature, thus didn't really have friends until afterwards, finding them in his first brood. Initially...
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  • Feeding Preference Suggestions for a Whisper?

    As the title says, I need help picking out the feeding preference for my new Beast character. The Horror for him is an Ugallu who looks like a sort of humanoid raven/crow, very much in the style of the corvian enemies from Dark Souls 3. Originally he was a Collector who liked shiny things, but there is an NPC Changeling with very similar themes so I decided to lean on the idea of Huginn Muninn instead. I kinda like the idea of hunting for secrets that could damage or ruin someone's reputation, mostly because I like the idea of being called a "Reaper of Reputation".
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