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  • I noticed that too. My first guess was the Quantakin or Telepath Proxy was a He, as those are the powers I’d associate with “psychic beacon in the warp”. All Proxies permanently telepathiccaly linked would make sense as Emperor-analog, but my preference would be It or They pronouns in that case...
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  • Themes of sacrifice would be appropriate for both sources. Teams of “Inquisitives” or “Quaestors” would have room for all sorts of Contiuum types. Also like a “all the bad is happening Right Now, but we have people who can make a difference “ . What kind of scale would you think? Street level hive city/lower deck crew on a Rogue Trader ship, Rogue Trader/Inquisitor and Friends, something in between?

    Assassin: Talent, with cyber or biokinetic mods, and telepathy-mindsculpting, details depending on the ordo. Maybe in the Ad Mech equivalent have more of a schism between...
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  • SpoonR
    replied to New directions with the old Infernals
    Minor quibble. For me one of the core ideas is they are not subtle. At the least, the labyrinth would have the emblem of the user everywhere. Or at the other end, you recognize being lost at the same instant you realize the sun has been tinted green.

    In my random mumbling, the quintessential Infernal or yozi-themed scene would be black widow in the Avengers Movie, doing an interrogation by being interrogated. That kind of awesome to 11, turned kinda inside out and with a heavy dose of lsd.

    So i guess if I was doing custom stuff, I’d take standardish charms and give...
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