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  • I would say that is a very good starting point in terms of where to draw a line in the sand.

    But something I've encountered and find to be much more concerning is the...I think the term is "orientalizing"? --of other cultures. Portraying the differences between them and yours as "exotic".

    On one hand, I hear things about other cultures and I'm like "what? That's awesome! I want to include that in a story/setting/game and show other people this awesome thing!", but it's easy to go from that to essentially putting the other culture...
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  • Eh, maybe. I mean, the difference between "bias" and "preference" might be worth noting, here. I don't think there's anything wrong with knowing what you like and playing to your strengths.

    I think that I had multiple issues with the character concept, each one separate and valid (clash of tone, disregard of session 0, overall quality of the concept). It's almost like they increased my irritation and frustration exponentially.
    I've seen bad players. I've been in bad games. I'm done with all that. My free time is a precious and rare commodity, and I won't...
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  • I mean. I said it *seems*, that I *feel*--I wasn't trying to make any claims about the laws of ttrpg's or anything. Just articulating some theories based on my experience and how they affect my preferences.

    I am absolutely biased; I've been doing this for ages and I have sort of whittled down things to the style that works for me, that helps me set up the narratives that I find most enjoyable/impactful. And I am sure to tell potential players about such things at session 0, in case they don't want in on my particular brand.

    With that said, I understand what you're getting...
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